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the veracloud advisors: a seasoned team of changemakers

dr. karen amstutz | Chief Medical Officer, Magellan Health, Inc.

Dr. Karen Amstutz is Chief Medical Officer of Magellan Health (NASDAQ: MGLN) where she serves as the clinical member of the executive leadership team.  Magellan strives to bring humanity to healthy, vibrant lives and continually looks for ways to reinvent how care is delivered.  In her role as Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Amstutz establishes and leads the overall clinical vision for the company, adding clinical expertise to Magellan’s businesses serving special and high risk populations, such as Medicaid, specialty medicine and behavioral management, and pharmacy.  

Prior to joining Magellan, Dr. Amstutz spent 20 years in health plans and health management organizations where she led large clinical quality and operations for Medicaid and Medicare businesses.  She has been a part of teams which have answered Medicaid procurement proposals in 19 of 50 states, many of which have had administration requirements for contracting with Minority and Women Business Enterprises (MWBE’s).  With Medicaid spending comprising $496Billion in FY 2014 (nearly 19% of states’ general funds), Dr. Amstutz brings expertise to VeraCloud on the MWBE purchasing needs and requirements of state Medicaid and human services agencies.

Dr. Amstutz has degrees from Indiana University, Washington University, St. Louis and the University of Chicago. She trained at Barnes Hospital, St. Louis, and at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston.

donna j. gambrell | former director, community development financial institutions fund, u.s. treasury; board of directors, southern bancorp

Donna Gambrell is a steadfast advocate for lifting up and revitalizing our most vulnerable, low-wealth communities. She is also the longest-serving and first African American women to be appointed as Director of the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFI Fund).

During her tenure from 2007 to 2013, the CDFI Fund experienced significant growth, more than doubling funding under its flagship program, and helped fuel the growth of a CDFI industry responsible for providing affordable capital, credit, and financial services to low-income neighborhoods across the United States. Under Donna's leadership, The U.S. Treasury's CDFI Fund also designed and administered a number of new initiatives targeted to underserved markets, including the Capital Magnet Fund, the Healthy Food Financing Initiative, and the CDFI Bond Guarantee Program.

Currently, Donna is a visiting, non-resident scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. She is also a board member for Southern Bancorp, Inc., in Little Rock, Arkansas: one of the nation's largest CDFIs, as well as the model upon which the CDFI industry was founded.

In addition to her work at the Treasury Department, Donna has served in several executive positions at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), including Deputy Director for Compliance and Consumer Protection, where she was responsible for overseeing the FDIC's national compliance bank examinations, as well as the agency's community affairs, consumer affairs, and deposit insurance programs. She has also worked at the Resolution Trust Corporation, the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, and the U.S. Government Accountability Office.

Donna earned a Bachelor of Communication & Journalism Studies from Towson University, Baltimore, Maryland and a Master in Public Administration from New York University.

She has been widely recognized over the last four decades for her commitment to consumer protection issues, and for her work on community & economic development initiatives for underserved populations.

cheryl yaffe kiser | Executive Director of The Lewis Institute & The Babson Social Innovation Lab, Babson College

Cheryl Kiser is the Executive Director of The Lewis Institute and The Babson Social Innovation Lab at Babson College.  She is responsible for leading a critical aspect of the growth strategy for Babson by promoting broad support for Babson's work in integrating social innovation and social relevance into its curriculum and co-curricular activities.  Employing Babson’s globally recognized Entrepreneurial Thought & Action ® (ET&A) methodology for spurring social innovation in all sectors, Cheryl is developing Babson as the “go to place“ for global social entrepreneurship resources, activities, relationships, networks, knowledge and convenings.  The ET&A methodology teaches undergraduates, graduates, and executives to balance action, experimentation, and creativity with a deep understanding of business fundamentals and rigorous analysis as the ideal approach to creating economic and social value.

Cheryl is a recognized leader in corporate social responsibility and social innovation. Before coming to Babson, Cheryl was the Managing Director of the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship. For more than 12 years she played a central role in creating the largest research center of its kind in the U.S., and spearheaded a national initiative to engage leading businesses to take a collaborative approach to working on education issues.

Cheryl is also the co-creator of Food Sol an “action tank” at Babson’s Social Innovation Lab dedicated to using entrepreneurship to redesign the food system.

Cheryl is the author of Creating Social Value: A Guide for Leaders and Changemakers (2014).


sonali sharma | senior director, sustainability & engagement, johnson & johnson

Sonali Sharma is Senior Director, Sustainability & Engagement for Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ), where she stewards the execution of JNJ’s global enterprise sustainability strategy. Prior to JNJ, she was Director, Global Brand Management at FINCA International, an inclusive finance/social enterprise, where she led their brand transformation across 23 Subsidiaries in Africa, Eurasia, the Middle East and South Asia, and Latin America.  Earlier in her career, Sonali worked at Interbrand as Director, Brand Strategy, and at Procter & Gamble as Assistant Brand Manager, Healthcare, in ASEAN, Australia and India.

Sonali is a Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability expert with almost 2 decades’ global brand building experience across multiple industries, including consumer goods, healthcare, technology, and microfinance, in both developed and emerging markets.

She is passionate about the intersection of technology, social impact, and business to create sustainable social change. She was also Co-Founder of a seed-funded technology startup built to fuel economic impact for underserved populations at intersection of corporate brand building, charitable causes, and social media.

Sonali earned a Bachelor of Business Studies degree from the College of Business Studies, University of Delhi, India; an MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai, India; and a Master in Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.