the challenge: government agencies, despite dedicating increased efforts and resources to reach increased diversity and utilization goals, are finding it increasingly difficult to achieve these targets. 

the veracloud toolkit enables government agencies to more easily, effectively, and efficiently source qualified subcontractors for their government contracting projects.

If you’re an agency with projects to complete, you know how challenging it can be to meet diversity and utilization goals. Finding qualified, certified subcontractors can be difficult, time-consuming and resource-intensive. Looking ahead, increased diversity and utilization goals will most certainly translate to greater demand for certified, skilled sub contractors, making completing projects even more challenging. 

With the VeraCloud Toolkit, there’s an easy way to get opportunities in front of all certified subcontractors and to identify and engage minority, women, disadvantaged, lgbt, or veteran-owned small businesses to meet your needs. Using VeraCloud’s Easy-Find feature, Smart-Connect feature, and Collaboration Workspace features, you can identify the right set of potential qualified partners, select the right company for your needs, communicate easily with subcontractors, and complete project documentation—all together in one place. VeraCloud: It’s an easy, efficient, and effective way to make work happen. 

featuring ready-track veracloud’s always-on, ready-track™ feature enables both prime contractors and subcontractors to easily document, store, and access critical project information.