the challenge: hardworking, skilled minority, women, disadvantaged, lgbt, and veteran-owned businesses are struggling to get visibility and be selected for government contracts.

The VeraCloud Toolkit enables subcontractors to more easily, effectively, and efficiently be considered and selected for government contracting opportunities.

If you’re a minority, women, disadvantaged, lgbt, or veteran-owned small business, you know how hard it is to connect to opportunities, and be selected as a subcontractor on government projects. Getting certified is no guarantee that any work will ever come your way. You need to somehow get your skills and expertise known to the market of prime contractors looking for qualified business partners.

With the VeraCloud Toolkit, now there’s an easy way to get considered for opportunities that match your skills and expertise. By using VeraCloud’s Profile Builder, Smart-Connect, and Collaboration Workspace features, subcontractors like you can be considered for opportunities, communicate easily with prime contractors, and complete project documentation all together in one place. VeraCloud: It’s an easy, efficient, and effective way to make your certification work for you, give primes and government agencies the information they need about you, and collaborate with partners to get the job done.

featuring ready-track  veracloud’s always-on, ready-track™ feature enables both prime contractors and subcontractors to easily document, store, and access critical project info.