the veracloud toolkit

veracloud fuels the implementation of progressive government policies that promote diversity, access, and inclusion. 

we enable minority, women, veteran, lgbt, and other diverse businesses to better compete for jobs and economic opportunity.

we enable contractors and government agencies to streamline, accelerate, and optimize their performance on their mandated diversity, access, and inclusion goals for public contracts.



The VeraCloud Toolkit helps companies and government agencies quickly and easily identify the right set of diverse, qualified potential partners. 



The VeraCloud Toolkit enables companies and government agencies to select and engage diverse potential partners with the right skills, capabilities, and experience to get the job done.



The VeraCloud Toolkit supports seamless communication and collaboration so companies and government agencies can work together to complete contracts with excellence. 


veracloud profile
katie lemire, woman business enterprise (wbe)

We had independent-minded entrepreneurs like Katie Lemire in mind when we created VeraCloud. 

The founder of Lemire LLC, a certified New York State WBE, Katie is a former federal and state prosecutor and former Counsel to New York City Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly. Since 2013, Lemire LLC has assisted businesses, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and individuals in investigating sensitive matters, conducting due diligence, and assessing risk.   

Getting certified as a WBE was an important part of the Lemire LLC business plan from the very beginning.  But Katie knew that just getting certified was no guarantee: Getting public sector work as a WBE firm would require her to proactively get the word out about her business, and find effective ways to connect with potential partners.    

We built the VeraCloud toolkit to help Katie do just that.  At VeraCloud, we’re committed to enabling entrepreneurs to turn their certifications into powerful drivers of business growth. Our business management and outreach tools give entrepreneurs like Katie an easier, more efficient, more effective way to make Diversity work.

veracloud profile
glen kartalis, prime contractor

We had business leaders like Glen Kartalis, a Senior Vice President at AECOM, in mind when we created VeraCloud. 

AECOM is a $19.5 billion, fully integrated professional and technical services firm that designs, builds, finances, and operates infrastructure assets around the world. Responsible for AECOM’s transportation projects in New York and New Jersey, Glen relies on women and minority-owned subcontractors as important business partners to help build the highways and bridges that are a critical part of the region’s economy.

We built the VeraCloud toolkit to give Glen a better way to find and hire qualified, certified women and minority-owned subcontractors with the right skills and experience.

At VeraCloud, we’re committed to helping prime contractors like AECOM accelerate their business growth.  Our business management and outreach tools give business leaders like Glen an easier, more efficient, more effective way to make work happen.

veracloud goes beyond subs and primes