what does veracloud do?

We’re a technology solutions company that’s revolutionizing the government contracting marketplace. Our innovative, cloud-based, business management tools help prime contractors, government agencies, and subcontractors discover each other, connect, and collaborate. We specifically focus on making it easier for prime contractors to source qualified minority, women, disadvantaged, lgbt, and veteran-owned sub-contractors, and to meet increased diversity and utilization goals. At the same time, we provide tools to help these minority, women, and veteran owned businesses to grow by partnering with prime contractors to secure federal sub-contracts.  

Where does VeraCloud operate? 

Currently VeraCloud tools are only available to prime contractors, government agencies, and subcontractors located in New York State. Since every state has unique regulations and infrastructure related to government sector contracting, our rollout is happening on a state-by-state basis. Our goal is to make our innovative toolkit available for all our customers while maintaining the best experience.

Is VeraCloud affiliated with the government?

No. VeraCloud is a privately held company. Like other civic tech companies, though, we’re passionate about the important role that government plays in society and we’re eager to find new ways to make government better. Most of the VeraCloud leadership team has worked directly with government at some point at the city, state, and/or federal levels.

Does VeraCloud help prime contractors obtain waivers if they are not able to find qualified, certified subcontractors? 

VeraCloud is designed to help prime contractors find qualified subcontractors. With VeraCloud, prime contractors can easily document critical project information, track good faith efforts to meet diversity goals, and easily provide detailed, comprehensive, audit-ready documentation as evidence of their efforts (if ever required for a waiver application).

Why is VeraCloud needed? 

Today’s public sector contracting landscape is inefficient, unfair, and not working anywhere near as well as it can. Ambitious MWBE/diverse/local utilization goals put in place by forward-looking government officials to create economic opportunities and prosperity in communities are not being met. As a result, tax dollars directed into public sector contracting are being unevenly distributed today—not reaching minority and underrepresented groups and communities the way that they should be. We know there’s a better way. That’s why we created VeraCloud.

Where does the name VeraCloud come from?

A couple of us took Latin 30 years ago, and it stuck. Ver- comes from the Latin verus which means true and genuine. The cloud part comes from our innovative, cloud-based software platform. Put it together and you’ve got a technology-driven solution that allows for easy, efficient, effective, transparent—and verifiable—transactions. Get it?

How did the company get started? 

The co-founders, two high school friends, have been talking about improving the government contracting marketplace for years. They combined their decades of business experience driving growth strategies for companies across a range of industries, together with a long history of creating opportunities at the intersection of business and government. Throw in a whiz-bang former colleague/product development expert, along with a marketing guru brother with deep expertise in brand-building and social impact and, voilà, VeraCloud was born.