Outsource Diversity Requirements to Experts

We designed the Veracloud Procurement Optimization and Diversity Works programs to solve the issues and barriers most impacting municipalities, government agencies, and contractors looking to satisfy today’s diversity inclusion mandates. All with no impact to existing technology, processes or personnel. Let us make diversity work for you!

Service that fulfills evolving diversity requirements

VeraCloud programs focus on identifying, recruiting, and engaging Diverse and/or Local vendors for inclusion in public procurement as well as satisfying diverse and local contracting mandates.

VeraCloud’s Procurement Optimization Program

We implement our Program in real-time during the open period of a selected procurement, ensuring that every diverse vendor capable of participating is made aware, included, and supported throughout the procurement lifecycle.

VeraCloud Diversity Works Program

We implement our Program in advance of upcoming contracting needs and in real-time during bid solicitation windows, ensuring that every diverse and/or local vendor capable of participating is identified, recruited and engaged, directly connecting interested vendors to the contracting process.



Identify and define the entire diverse marketplace for the contracting opportunity.


Directly connect every capable diverse vendor to the contracting process to fully engage the entire marketplace.


Directly support and invite conversations with every diverse vendor expressing interest in the opportunity to maximize participation.


Diversity Delivered & Documented

Each contracting opportunity that is run through our program results in increased diverse and local vendor awareness, stronger participation, more bids, lower costs, better value, and more effectively addressed inclusion requirements. Program efforts are documented and all outcomes are detailed in a Marketplace Assessment and Engagement Analysis for each contracting opportunity. This documentation offers our customers peace of mind in an easy to understand report that highlights the data defining diverse and local vendor marketplaces.