Veracloud services

VeraCloud focuses on identifying, recruiting, and engaging Diverse (MWBE, SVDOB, DBE) and/or Local vendors for inclusion in public contracting opportunities to satisfy mandated diversity goals. 

We enable public sector and private customers to focus on their core business while we streamline, accelerate, and optimize performance on their mandated diversity and inclusion goals. All with no burdensome demands on personnel or changes in established processes.

VeraCloud’s Procurement Optimization Program

We implement our Optimization Program in real-time during the open period of a selected procurement, ensuring that every diverse vendor capable of participating is made aware, included, and supported throughout the procurement lifecycle.

VeraCloud Diversity Works Program

We implement our Inclusion Program in advance of upcoming contracting needs and in real-time during bid solicitation windows, ensuring that every diverse and/or local vendor capable of participating is identified, recruited and engaged, directly connecting interested vendors to the contracting process.