Deepening trust across communities and dismantling systemic racism

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is launching a breakthrough year-long project aimed at bringing conversations about racism, healing, and policy work into the open.  This echoes back to similar conversations 40 years ago when Boston was rocked by violence surrounding the desegregation of its public schools.  This year-long initiative speaks to the Mayor’s commitment to democratizing access to economic opportunity, combatting inequality & injustice, and deepening trust across communities to accelerate progress. Let's hope that this dynamic initiative on racism and healing will further fuel the successful implementation of Boston’s increasingly progressive & inclusive policies.

With Massachusetts recently ranked as the Best State Economy in the US, all eyes are on the Commonwealth and The City of Boston to extend that success into economic access and opportunity for all Massachusetts neighborhoods and all of the Commonwealth’s various diverse populations. 

This breakthrough year-long City of Boston project could serve as a national model for constructive collaboration to address systemic biases and inequalities that exist in cities throughout the US.