VeraCloud recognized by Associated General Contractors of America for cutting-edge Diversity contracting solution

In 2018, The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) celebrates its 100th anniversary as the leading association of the construction industry. As this Centennial years begins, VeraCloud has been featured in Cornerstone Magazine, a quarterly publication of the New York State chapter, for our “cutting edge solution” to make Diversity work.

AGC represents more than 26,000 firms, including over 6,500 of America’s leading general contractors, and over 9,000 specialty-contracting firms. More than 10,500 service providers and suppliers are also associated with AGC, all through a nationwide network of chapters.

Article reposted with permission from AGCNYS

AGC NewYork State Member Spotlight

After speaking with the team at VeraCloud and marveling at the passion they have for their business, it’s easy to understand how they arrived at their motto “We make Diversity work.”

Contractors in NYS often struggle to achieve government mandated diversity goals. Despite the best intentions and the significant expense of efforts and resources, achieving compliance supporting Minority, Women, Veteran-owned and other diverse businesses is often difficult at best. This leads to wasted time and money. There is a challenge for diverse small businesses to achieve visibility and get selected as subcontractors. Simultaneously, there is the challenge for prime contractors to reach increasing diversity and utilization goals. Traditional approaches to engaging diverse businesses are inefficient, labor intensive and ineffective. VeraCloud is currently the only end-to-end diverse enterprise recruitment and verification tool in the market; and they are valued Members of AGC NYS. VeraCloud is a mission-driven, civic-tech company with deep roots in New York State.

VeraCloud’s toolkit has three core components, designed to provide prime contractors and qualified small Minority, Women, Veteran-owned and other diverse business with the tools they need to successfully complete public-sector contracts:

1) Discover: VeraCloud helps companies and government agencies quickly and easily identify the right set of qualified partners.

2) Connect: VeraCloud enables companies and government agencies to select and engage potential partners with the right skills, capabilities, and experience to get the job done.

3) Collaborate: VeraCloud supports seamless communication and collaboration so companies and government agencies can work together to complete contracts with excellence.

VeraCloud has a founding history in New York State: Co-founders Doug Rutnik, Jr. and Todd Bida both grew up in Albany, where they were high-school classmates. They have assembled a team that has leveraged specific deep-market knowledge, and decades of experience in the public and private sectors, to create a proprietary technology platform designed to resolve acute pain points in the marketplace. Their comprehensive approach to diversity goals and sourcing management saves money, resources, and time, and enables business growth and expansion for prime contractors, while creating jobs and unlocking economic opportunity for Minority, Women, Veteran-owned and other diverse businesses.

AGC NYS is proud to have VeraCloud in our Membership ranks, and we continually strive, like VeraCloud, to match our Contractor Members with key industry partners who can provide cutting edge solutions.

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