VeraCloud selected to participate in 12th and final Clinton Foundation Annual Meeting in NYC


The Clinton Foundation has invited VeraCloud to the 12th and final Clinton Foundation Annual Meeting in NYC this week as “an integral part of the CGI America community” for our work on diversity, access, & economic inclusion for Women, Minority, Veteran-owned, and other diverse small businesses in the US public sector contracting space.

We share the Clinton Foundation’s belief (and the Ford Foundation's belief), that systemic inequality has created a vast market opportunity and pent-up demand for scalable solutions to start fixing these problems.

In response to this pent-up demand, VeraCloud has built breakthrough tools that enable our partners & customers in the private, public, and non-profit sectors to deliver on their goals for diversity, access, & inclusion; economic development; and value creation in the $500+Billion annual public contracting space.

VeraCloud's breakthrough tools dismantle inequality and fuel the sustainable profitable growth of Women, Minority, Veteran-owned, and other diverse small businesses in a vast, high-value, fragmented, and under-served market.   How do we accomplish this?:

1.       VeraCloud enables the private sector to more profitably include diverse businesses in their overall operations. Said differently: VeraCloud’s value-added tools and well-lit pathways to success enable our private sector customers to grow their top & bottom lines, while simultaneously achieving their government-mandated diversity goals, and lowering overall costs to taxpayers.

2.       VeraCloud enables the public sector (Cities, city & state agencies, quasi-governmentals, dedicated public servants, elected and appointed public officials) to break through the confines of 'policy only' with tools for 'what now?': enabling the EFFORTS of well-intended policy with VeraCloud’s value-added tools and well-lit pathways to success for struggling diverse entrepreneurs that RESULT in tangible, measurable impact.

3.       VeraCloud enables the non-profit sector to deliver value-added tools and well-lit pathways to success to Women, Minority, Veteran-owned, and other diverse small businesses who struggle to gain access to the vast & lucrative public sector contracting market.  Our tools help non-profits further enable and empower members of the diverse communities they serve. Together, we compound the positive impact of these non-profits on local and regional communities.

At VeraCloud we democratize access to economic opportunity for underserved populations.  We do this not because it is easy, but because it is hard; because this access, opportunity, & inclusion is long overdue; because the rewards for all will be great; and because the structural changes that we enable will be foundational and multi-generational in their collective social and economic impact.

Our Clinton Global Initiative involvement is helping us selectively leverage our scalable solutions to remedy inequality with private, public, and non-profit partners & customers to deliver scalable incremental value for them and for the diverse populations they also serve.

In a world where we are laser-focused on RESULTS, the Clinton Foundation has been a successful catalyst: enabling principled, passionate, and committed entrepreneurs like us to selectively collaborate in new EFFORTS, with the intent of achieving even greater incremental reach & positive impact.