VeraCloud joins in cross-sector effort to advance Boston's Economic Inclusion Agenda

Public and Private sector leaders came together today at a symposium in Boston to engage 'Boston’s most innovative solutions to society’s biggest problems' in advancing the City’s Economic Inclusion Agenda for 2018 and beyond. 

In conjunction with the Symposium, the Social Innovations Journal has published an article by VeraCloud's CMO Craig Bida on solutions for addressing systemic market failures in the $500+Billion market US public contracting market. The full article can be accessed at the Social Innovations Journal.

VeraCloud's CMO Craig Bida addressing the Symposium.

VeraCloud's CMO Craig Bida addressing the Symposium.

This Symposium was part of ongoing efforts by the Boston Mayor’s Office of New Urban MechanicsHarvard Kennedy School, Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation; MassChallenge; and others to apply new systems and models to solve some of the most pressing issues of social and economic inequality. 

Speaking on the current state of the Social Sector Ecosystem, Dr. Atyia Martin, Chief Resilience Officer for the City of Boston, echoed a central theme of the Symposium: the need for all to look past efforts, and focus on impact and outcomes as they are measured and valued by beneficiaries. Dr. Martin also emphasized the critical role that new models will play in creating pathways to economic inclusion for diverse populations.

VeraCloud was recognized today for our innovative solution to democratize access to economic opportunity for women, minorities, veterans, and other underserved populations. By leveraging buying power to support racial, gender, social, and economic equality, VeraCloud addresses systemic market failures in this vast market.

VeraCloud uses an outcomes-driven approach that jump-starts Diversity by financially incentivizing Prime Contractors to deliver on government-mandated diversity goals in the $500+Billion market US public contracting market. VeraCloud simultaneously enables Minority, Women, Veteran, Disadvantaged and other diverse businesses ( MWBE , VBE , and DBE ) to discover and compete for billions of dollars in opportunities.


We celebrate the efforts of the other organizations recognized today as we all work to advance the City of Boston's Economic Inclusion Agenda…and celebrate the unsung efforts of others across this great nation, who work as we do to establish breakthrough market-driven solutions that sustainably address market failures and economic, gender, social, and racial inequality.